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Privacy Policy

Michael is not a professional photographer. He does not generally offer his photographs for sale or commercial licence (although if you appear in an image Michael would be usually willing to sell you a gelatine silver print if you contact him). His photography is principally a recreational artistic endeavour. Accordingly, as he is not in the business of taking photographs he relies on Article 2(2)(c) of the GDPR (EU) 2016/679 (processing of personal data by a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity). Further, and to any extent necessary, Michael relies on Article 85 of the GDPR (processing carried out for journalistic purposes or the purpose of academic artistic or literary expression).

That being said, some of the images on this website show people who were photographed unawares by Michael. Michael understands and respects the rights of those individuals who are identifiable. Should you be identifiable in an image and do not want your image to be displayed on this web site, please contact Michael. If your image appears in a crowd scene, Michael is unlikely to agree to the removal of the image, or any alteration of the image, such as the bluring of your face, if that would detract from the artistic quality of the image or a photographic project to which that image belonged.

If your image is identifiable and you consented to Michael taking your photograph, and you do not want your image to appear on this web site, Michael will remove your image if you contact him.

Michael does not collect data on users visiting this website. If you email me using the link on the Contact page you are agreeing to Michael contacting you. Any and all information about you that you provide to Michael in the course of progressing your enquiry will be retained by Michael for a reasonable period of time after the conclusion of your enquiry. This period of time will vary according to the purpose of your enquiry. For example, if your enquiry relates to an ongoing project that Michael is working on, your data may be retained until that project if concluded. Since Michael uses a Gmail address your data will be stored on a Google Mail server. If you want your data deleted sooner, please let Michael know. Michael does not sell any contact data to third parties.

This web site is hosted by Go Daddy who may store data outside the EU but transfer out of the EU is protected by Go Daddy’s appropriate safeguards.

Michael cannot prevent the unlawful downloading and misuse of his images outside this website. If you think you have seen one of Michael’s images elsewhere on the internet and are concerned it may not be lawfully there, please contact Michael.